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About UUKA

What is UUKA

An all-in-one, user-friendly business management platform.

Fast and efficient digital business operation is crucial to capture the enormous opportunities arising from the rapidly emerging global economy, but this can be complicated and difficult, especially to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). We are here to pave the way for your simple and smooth digitalization journey with a one-stop online backend system providing user- friendly and flexible apps on demand to meet your daily operation needs, most importantly, at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

Our Mission

“We help organizations to simplify their digitization process in their business by providing eco-friendly ecommerce and daily operation solutions to capture the opportunities in the emerging digital economy.”

Daily business operation is highly complicated and extremely tedious. From inventory and product management, sales and purchase management, customer and vendor management to procurement and purchase payment management…tons of work has to be done and even a most minor mistake can cause the most disastrous outcomes. This is especially difficult for SMEs as existing business management applications in the market are mainly developed for large corporations and simply do not suit their specific needs.

With our profound experience in digital solution provision during the past decade, we are dedicated to the mission of filling this gap. Simplicity, flexibility, user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness…with all these key elements of what SMEs look for in mind, we have proudly developed UUKA, a one-stop online platform serving SMEs specifically, with all applications they require for managing online and offline business.

The business world will be undergoing significant changes in the years to come. We believe that there will never be one single system which can satisfy all demands of different users. Therefore, UUKA’s vision is to pioneer a new trend: encouraging and helping clients to create their best digital solution by providing flexible and easy-to-use online backend systems and applications with which customization and integration can be conveniently done by themselves.

UUKA’s Unique Positioning

  Traditional digital service providers UUKA
Target Dominating digital service providers, which usually target large corporations, have a number of underlying problems and constraints concerning functionality and operation which make the process of digitalization very complicated for SMEs. UUKA targets SMEs. Truly understanding the pain points of going digital for SMEs, UUKA is here as an online platform to provide simple, user-friendly and flexible business management solutions specifically designed to meet various demands of SMEs.
Cost Traditional digital service providers, as they mainly serve large corporations, offer complex backend systems as packages at extremely high prices. SMEs need to pay the full costs for all functions as they cannot pick only apps useful to them even they are not able to fully utilize all. UUKA provides a full range of easy-to-use applications involved in your daily business operations, from which clients can choose according to their needs, resulting in a much lower installation cost without the need to purchase the whole package of applications.
Flexibility Traditional digital service providers offer complicated backend systems which are usually incompatible with SMEs’ core base systems, inevitably leading to large-scale integration and customization. This is very expensive and the number of integration service providers is also very limited in the market. While UUKA can seamlessly adapt to clients’ existing core base systems, its high flexibility enables end-user clients to create their best digital solution by easily customizing our online applications according to their special needs. Meanwhile, UUKA is an eco-friendly platform which enables developers to further develop at low costs in terms of money and time.