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Inventory Management
Inventory is always the core of retail business - while maintaining product availability; excessive stocks must be avoided, especially for seasonal and perishable goods. UUKA monitors and updates inventory figures automatically in accordance with sales orders, enabling you to make stock adjustments in no time.
Unlimited number of warehouses
Having multiple warehouses is a good idea for geographic convenience, but managing them can be a real challenge. All you need is UUKA - your centralized inventory manager which maintains up-to-date inventory details of unlimited number of warehouses.
View and adjust stocks in different warehouses
UUKA never sleeps! Round the clock, it keeps track of inventory information so that you can be remotely informed of the most updated and accurate inventory figures of every warehouse at a glance and make corresponding adjustments whenever required.
Transfer stock among warehouses
With UUKA as the centralized inventory manager, stocks in different warehouses can be easily juggled on your fingertips. By pressing just one button, logistic service providers will receive your order and automatically help with all the transfer among warehouses or arrange delivery of orders to customers.