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About Uuka
Daily online chain store operation management on ONE single platform
UUKA is your most trustworthy General Manager taking after everything involved in the daily operation of your online chain store. From procurement to retail sales, warehousing to delivery, product information to customer database, payable to receivable payments…all these tiresome procedures can be easily handled on just ONE single platform. Online chain store management can never be easier!
Retail sales transaction management
There are plenty to be done following a customer’s click for purchase. Without worries and hurries, UUKA takes care of all tasks for you, from payment to delivery arrangement. UUKA’s Online Payment Central Gateway allows the convenient and seamless implementation of external applications from third parties such as bank and digital payment systems. What’s more? UUKA automatically updates your inventory status and alerts you for replenishment. It also smartly reminds the customer for repeat purchase when it comes to the time that the purchased goods are almost used up!
All-in-one mobile app
You can now carry your retail business all along to any place in the world, simply with a UUKA app installed on your tablet and/or mobile phone! UUKA on your mobile devices is a Personal Assistant on your palm following you wherever you go, helping you to manage everything about your shop on a 24/7 basis without any geographic limitation. Of course you can also install the UUKA software on your computer. No worries! All features and data are automatically synchronized on all your devices.