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Product Management
Products speak for themselves! To lure customers, they must be well presented in your online store, appearing attractive with selling points being precisely highlighted. But how to do this when you have hundreds or thousands of products to sell? UUKA systematically manages all product information and all you need to do is simply uploading.
Products photos and descriptions
UUKA provides a variety of handy and stylish templates for you to design your own product portfolios, suiting the needs of different product or service types. Without the need for any graphic designer, you can create your product catalogue and amend product information with just a few simple steps.
Support both physical and virtual products
Whether your products are physical or virtual, UUKA provides comprehensive product catalogue templates suitable for a wide range of different product items.
Print barcodes for products
UUKA helps you to create, maintain and optimize your alphanumeric Stock Keeping Units (SKU) system for effective inventory management. You can conveniently generate and print barcode labels for easy sticking onto your products, so that you can handily search and identify stock from lists, invoices or order forms.