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Purchase Management
The popping up of “OUT OF STOCK” will apparently upset customers, while frequent failure to maintain product availability will leave a negative impression to customers or even push them away from your store. With UUKA’s supply chain management tool, this will never happen! What’s more? UUKA also monitors the whole procurement workflow from placing order to receiving goods.
Track products for re-purchase
Whenever UUKA detects low inventory levels, it automatically alerts you to refill running out items, recommending purchase quantity with reference to sales history.
Create purchase orders
Purchase orders are then issued and imported at ease. If the vendors have also subscribed to UUKA, your order will automatically be emailed to them through UUKA.
Receive purchased goods
Purchased goods can be received on an ad hoc basis or regularly for repeat purchase orders.
Support parcel shipment
UUKA stays alert once purchase orders are placed, tracking delivery status until goods are safely and correctly received.