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About Uuka

To Developers:

A Microservices Architecture - with Full Set of API!

UUKA is a user-friendly microservices architecture providing a full set of Application Programming Interface (API) for developers to tailor-make business applications in response to the real needs of their customers. Comprehensive APIs are available for building customized apps for managing different functions in a business organization, involving but not limited to customer and vendor, sales and purchase, inventory and delivery as well as product and payment. Using Open ID for authentication, UUKA conveniently features a single sign-on function connecting multiple applications subscribed by a business.

Programming language - totally your decision!

UUKA literally stands out from its competitors as developing applications upon this well-established infrastructure does not require the knowledge of a particular programming language. Developers can develop applications using their favorite programming languages and operating systems.  Using UUKA’s built-in business logic and authentication/authorization infrastructure, developers can save substantial efforts in the development and deliver in a tighter schedule.

Shared Data at Backend - No Groundwork Building Needed!

All fundamental data input or uploaded by users, including customer and vendor, sales and purchase, inventory and delivery as well as payment information, are stored and maintained at UUKA’s backend, which can be shared among and accessible by any apps developed with UUKA. This is big good news for developers as their newly developed app will automatically integrate with UUKA’s existing platform so there is no need to rebuild the groundwork or any backend application for authentication, authorization, database or UIs.

With UUKA, to develop a mobile app for viewing product information and placing orders, for example, the developer can focus on building the mobile app itself without the need to build a backend application for users to input all product and order information as the users can simply use the information already stored in existing UUKA applications they have subscribed to. This represents huge savings in efforts and time!

Put Your Apps on UUKA - Reach Large Customer Base!

Your apps developed upon our infrastructure will be automatically added to the list of all UUKA apps for users to subscribe to. As users naturally tend to subscribe to multiple apps on one single platform for easier management, having a presence on our platform will boost the sales of your apps. Most importantly, marketing your apps on our platform does not cost any advertising or slotting fees!