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Define Customer Payment Methods


In UUKA Customer Payment app, you can define a variety of customer payment methods to record payments received from customers.

  • You should define the customer payment method before using UUKA Sales Management and/or UUKA Mobile POS (Lite).

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Define New Customer Payment Method

  1. In UUKA Customer Payment app, go to "Payment Methods" page;
  2. Click on the "+" button to add new payment method;
  3. Define your new customer payment method at the pop up box;
  4. Save your settings, finished.


  1. Allows change: Allows returning changes to customer in case of overpay.
    • For example, when creating 'Cash' payment method. Allows change should be set to true so that when receiving $100 'Cash' for a $99 invoice, a change of $1 will be returned to customer.
    • On the contrary, if receiving non-refundable 'Gift Voucher', Allows change is usually false. If customer is using a $100 gift voucher to pay a $99 invoice, then the customer receives no change.
  2. Allows overpay: Allows overpay using this method.
    • For example, when creating 'Cash' payment method. Allows overpay should be set to true so that UUKA can accept $100 paid by 'Cash' for a $99 invoice.
    • Typically, 'Cash' and 'Coupon' payment should have this set to true. Online payment methods such as 'PayPal' used in online shop, this should be set to false.
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